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tinted float glass

standard & grade:

3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm
10mm 12mm      


  • blue:sky blue,lake blue,ford blue,dark blue,royal blue.
  • bronze:dark bronze,euro bronze.
  • clear
  • golden
  • green:dark green,french green.
  • grey:dark grey,euro grey,mist grey,century grey.
  • pink etc.


  • energy saving through good heat absorption which reduce the transmission of solar heat radiation.
  • high value creation by color variety of building's exterior appearance.
  • substrate for each level of glass processing.


  • tinted float glass (heat absorbing glass)is produced by the float process with the addition of small quantities of metal oxides to color the normal clear glass mix.this coloration is achieved through adding metal oxides at the smelting stage.
  • addition of color does not affect the basic properties of the glass,even though visible light reflectance will be slightly higher than clear glass.the color density increases with thickness,where the visible transmittance decreases correspondingly as thickness increases.
  • tinted float glass reduces solar transmittance by absorbing a large proportion of the solar energy the majority of which is control and energy reduction.
  • our comprehensive range of soft natural colors compliments modern building materials to provide an exciting and different look to new and existing buildings.
  • our range of vibrant colors,excellent performance characteristics and post-production treatment possibilities, all make tinted float glass the ideal choice for architects in any new construction or renovation project.
  • tinted float glass is distortion-free,precision flat and transparent glass,it is manufactured by floating a ribbin of molten glass over a bath of molten metal,the ribbon is gradually cooled in an annealing lehr,and then washed and out into the desired sizes.


  • external use of windows,doors,shopfronts in offices,houses,shops etc.
  • interior glass screens,partitions,balcony etc.
  • shop display windows,showcases,display shelves etc.
  • furniture,table-tops,picture frames etc.